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The social lie is a branded experience and campaign that follows the culture of social media manipulation and fraud. This project unmasks the impossible beauty and lifestyle standards shown online. The deliverables include a conceptualised branded experience, and corresponding assets including social media posts, marketing, and ancillary products.

Branded Experience

The social lie branded experience is a multi sensory walk though gallery.

The experience starts with the user receiving a pair of bluetooth colour lens glasses to begin their tour, as they see each image with the glasses on, they are shown image sets posted by influencers titled “Live like an influencer”. Upon the removal of these glasses, the viewer will find a drastically different image before them with the original images, retouch free, and the title changing the word life, to lie. This is an upclose and Confronting way to see such drastic opposing visuals from the same origin and how easily the influencer content has become normalised.


Glasses on


The Bluetooth rose lens coloured glasses supplied by BOSE Frames are labelled with The Social Lie brand mark and have small speakers that work as headphones.


Glasses off


Each set of glasses comes with a safety case that is labelled with the Brand label. Both the glasses and the case are keep sakes for the audience to remember the experience. 


The end of the gallery opens into a space filled with merchandise, branded photo walls, and mental health representatives from Beyond blue, and Headspace

Ancillary Products





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