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Broadway Homestay is a site and brand reinvigoration of the Broadway hotel located in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. The historical site had fallen into disarray after multiple debilitating fires and has sat untouched in the years since. After researching the surrounding area and local community I decided to reinvent the Broadway Hotel into the Broadway Homestay, a medical homestay for people and families who require accommodation that is in proximity Hospitals and specialized clinics. The rejuvenated branding and assets are modern yet pay homage to the building’s history.


The History

The Broadway Hotel was built in the late 1880s. The site was chosen for its closer proximity to the major arterial road, Logan Road. During this period the area now referred to as Southeast Brisbane experienced a large population and housing boost due to the extensions of the Brisbane railway and tramway systems. The hotel was built to take advantage of the increased popularity by catering for visitors to the area.


The property was owned by multiple parties in its history with the hotel remaining open and in business until 2010 when a fire broke out and extensively damaged the interior of the building.The site was abandoned soon after with vandals breaking into the property and damaging the rest of the property. A second fire broke out in the remnants of the building in 2018 which destroyed the rest of the interior and the roof.



Logo copy.pngblue.png

Colour Palette

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Branding & Ancillary


Community & Events


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